JF Fitness and Therapy is the brainchild of Founder Jacklyn Frias, a Personal Trainer and Registered Social Worker. The space was created with the warmth and love she exhibits in her daily life. Enjoy this little snapshot into her life :)

Jacklyn Frias

Professional Achievements

  • I attended the University ofWilfrid Laurier for my Masters of Social Work

  • I have been working for The North East LIHN as a Social Worker for 2 years

  • I work as a front line counseller at Esprite, the women Shelter here in Parry Sound

  • I have been a Personal Trainer for 7 years, training independently as well as at the the YMCA

  • I have experience working with troubled youth through the Youthdale Treatment Centre and Arrowhead.

  • My name is Jacklyn Frias.

  • I am the daughter of two amazing parents and the sister of an uber smart guy. 

  • I am a normal woman. I have good days and bad just like everyone else.

  • I sing and dance in front of the mirror when I'm all by myself.

  • Despite most peoples' complaints, I like 90's hip hop music and I'm secretly a gangster at heart.

  • I like rock-slide brownies and tend to each too much of them all at once... and most other food for that matter.

  • I like coffee... in the mornings... during the day... before bed... especially when it's rich, creamy and delicious.

  • I like a good challenge every once and a while.

  • I would tell you I love to work out but I'm guessing you already had that hunch ;) .

  • I like... big butts... and I can not lie.

  • I would say I have a good sense of humour (as you can see from my last point).

  • I like having deep, decent conversations with people.

  • I enjoy helping others and I believe that I was put on this planet to do so. 

  • I truly care about your wellbeing and believe that everyone deserves happiness. 

  • I try to see the good in everything and everyone (plus life is way better living this way). 

  • I let my hair get really greasy sometimes, my runners stink and I, like everyone else, struggle with not feeling like I'm good enough. 

  • BUT... I LOVE MYSELF! And I try everyday to be the best version of me! 

  • AND... I want to help YOU be the best version of YOU!!

Things That Tickle My Fancy

Regular Happiness Practices:

Working out at Anytime Fitness; Movie nights with my man; deep breathing; reading in bed; gratitude lists

Inspiring Persons:

The fierce badass women in my life:

My mom, Vanessa Murphy, Meg Wallace, Nicole Penfold, Lori Zednicek, Clarissa Kennedy...

Favourite Places:

My bed; my studio,; surrounded by people I love; the beach; sitting on the deck

Style Profile:

Nothing jean-like. Real bra...pttf

 You'll usually find me in leggings and a sports bra.... or at home without pants.

Things That Make Me Think:

Listening to others' point of view; reading self-help books; challenging my inner thoughts; good song lyrics;

Current Obsessions:

Gala Darling, Mentor Box; cake pops at Starbucks; Starbucks in general; coconut milk (in the can); maple syrup in my coffee; seeing how much a can deadlift