Initial Consultation

90 minutes

Any client seeking Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese medicine treatment is required to book an initial consultation. This gives us both time to review your medical history, chief complaints and address what is required for treatment. I will have you fill out some intake forms, run through a thorough Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnosis and include your first session of acupuncture following with a recommended course of treatment.

Initial Consultation.png


60 minutes

If you are booking your very first acupuncture session with me please select Initial Consultation. This is required for all new patients. Possible treatment modalities within Acupuncture may include cupping, moxibustion, heat therapy, food and lifestyle advice, gua sha, massage and needling. Each treatment is based on the condition and progress of the patient and will be communicated thoroughly beforehand.  If you are unsure of whether acupuncture is right for you please call me at 416-389-4698 and I will be happy to answer any of your questions free of charge. 


Fire Cupping

30 minutes

Cupping is used to help drain lymph, remove blockages, stagnation and toxins from the body as well as massage and tone muscles. It can eliminate a newly onset cold before it gets worse, assist the respiratory system in cases such as asthma or sleep apnea and deeply massage the tissues treating pain or cold in the body. Cups may be applied to the back, neck, shoulders, legs and buttocks. In this treatment we can focus on one specific area or do a full body treatment. We will apply warm suction cups to these areas of the body followed by a gentle oil to help glide the cups. 

Fire Cupping.png

Qi Beauty Facial

60 minutes

Within this treatment Chinese Medicine techniques are used to remove blockages and create space under the skin and between the muscles. This will assist in better blood and lymphatic flow within the facial tissues helping to nourish, cleanse and plump the skin. The treatment will include shoulder, neck and facial massage as well as either cupping or guasha on the neck and face. We will apply an oil to help glide the cup or stone tool used to support the process of lymphatic drainage and iron out the tension held in the face. In some cases this may be followed with tiny facial needles to assist in circulation and treatment of fine lines leaving them more shallow and less visible. This treatment is both therapeutic and relaxing while leaving the skin of the face and neck glowing and lifted. It will assist the skin to function at a higher level, allowing the treatment of  some conditions to occur, including acne, scarring, eczema, fine lines, deep wrinkles and overall texture and bounce. Additionally, skin care products will be able to penetrate deeper. Best results of treatment after 3-5 consecutive facial treatments. 

Qi Beauty Facial.png

Full Body Relaxation Massage

75 minutes

This Chinese Massage technique includes a combination of both tuinah and acupressure massage. The selected acupressure points are specifically chosen to treat anxious and restless energy while the incorporated strokes are meant to ease a tense body and mind into a relaxed state. This full body treatment includes the face, head, neck, arms, hands, back, legs and feet. The oil used in the message will be gently warmed and if needed a heating lamp will be placed on parts of the body that are feeling cool. You will be welcomed with a warm cup of tea upon arrival and the room will allow gentle music and calming aromatherapy. Please notify me if any of these are undesirable for you. If you are unsure of whether this therapeutic massage is right for you please call me at 416-389-4698 and I will be happy to answer any of your questions free of charge.