Our Life Coach works with women and youth who have personal goals but need that little extra accountability or direction to help them stay on course and achieve. Some have reached their 'aha' moments prior to coaching, others have felt  themselves closing in on it, but all have shared the question of 'where do I go now?'


Life Coaching is for those of us who are ready to take the next big step; those of us who can see the light at the end of the tunnel and want more than anything to get there. You may have already taken the first few steps or even the first hundred; we're here to support you the rest of the way.

Our Life Coach works with a wide range of clients who are looking for a number of goals to be fulfilled: Relationship Focused; Well-being and Health Oriented; Emotional and Psychological.

She strives to remind you that you are worth it, you are worth our time and energy as well as the time and energy of those in your life. 


Seeing a Life Coach is the biggest gift to yourself you could give; a commitment to yourself, support. Be your own best friend, believe in your possibilities and stop holding yourself back.

Many of us have that feeling that we want to grow, expand and move forward and you do not have to do it alone. If stress overtakes you, bad habits set you back, or a lack of time leaves you without resources or focus, Life Coaching could be right for you. In our busy schedules we often don't make time for ourselves or, in a list of priorities, we simply don't appreciate our own well-being -- that is why we are here to help. 


Life Coaches have at their disposal a large toolbox of resources, strategies and materials that can set you up for success and lead you in the direction of your choosing. They do not pick the destination but do everything in their power to help you develop your own map and make the journey. 

Planning, developing, and executing are their specialty, but most importantly its their compassion that leads the process. It is life experience that allows them empathize, relate, and be motivated to help you as in realizing that You Are Enough.

They meet with you weekly to chart your progress, to review difficulties and adapt plans. Working together, you can trust that your goals are supported by their best intentions. They can introduce you to coping mechanisms, emotional tools, a barrage of self-care and self-love concepts, and the research you may not have time for. They make YOU their priority.

Meet Our Life Coach

Nicole Looby

Nicole Looby is our life coach. She developed The Penner Way which is dedicated to Self-Care and Self-Love which has become her mission and passion. She lives by her mantra, 'You Are Enough'. From facing down her own personal challenges and negative patterns, as well as moving forward through some very difficult events in her life, she had to fight to achieve her goals. This is what drove her to becoming a Life Coach, but before that, it drove her to becoming someone she herself is proof of and can love. She has tried the strategies, seen the dark times and come out the other side wanting nothing more than to help others succeed. She wants the opportunity to show each and every women and young person that what they truly need to reach their goals, in any definition of the word, is inherently within them and at their reach. Join her for Life Coaching and allow her to show you your own strength.


Free Consultation

1 Session .....................................................$55

1 Month -- 4 weekly  sessions @ $50/hour....$200

3 Months -- 8 sessions @ $45/hour...............$360

6 Months -- 14 sessions @ $42.85/hour.........$600



Single Session Check-In --1 hour....................$45

(Returning Clients Only)

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