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I help people release tension in their body through mindfulness, yin yoga, bodywork and somatic movement - classes, private sessions and workshops.

All classes and workshops follow a 6 step program to help people release tension in their body so they can start feeling freer and lighter in their body

  • Relax...self regulation

  • Recognize...self sensing

  • Reflect...self inquiry

  • Release...self healing

  • Recieve...self acceptance

  • Reconnect...self awareness

The six step program builds and resilience and cultivates interocpection. Interoception is the practice of listening to your body. When you develop this skill you become aware of tension patterns in your body that have manifest as pain, discomfort or a feeling of disconnectedness.

I spent many decades juggling a family, career, home, kid's activities, volunteer, friends and relatives without considering my needs. There never seemed to be enough time so i would constantly push myself to achieve. I lived a striving lifestyle fuelled by sugar and caffeine. This striving lifestyle caused a great deal of accumulated stress/tension which led to a number of physical and mental health issues. It is humbling to realize what unrealistic demands have done to my body. Also t was naive to think you can push your body without consequences. My body finally got my attention, it was time to listen and create  balance lifestyle. Through the practice of mindfulness, yoga and making healthier food choices I reconnected and learnt to love and listen to my body.

Classes I'm Currently Teaching

Classes I'm Currently Teaching

Thai Stem

Services I'm currently offering

Enjoy a relaxing blend of Restorative Yoga and Herbal Thai Stem massage, using acupressure points to release tension in muscles and joints.


RYT 200hr Hatha Yoga

Mindfulness Stress Reduction Program / Mindfulness Self Compassion Program / Yin yoga / Chair Yoga / Restorative Yoga / Soma Yoga / Some Yoga Clinical / Thai Massage w/ Restorative Yoga

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