We all travel through the ups and downs of life, sometimes rising high and other times sinking low, lower maybe then we know how to deal with. Its normal, its life, you don't need a label or to have hit rock bottom to talk to someone.

Our Counsellors work with a wide range of clients struggling with different things and in need of different support. With each client their aim is first and foremost to help them reach their individual goals, feel confident and capable, and acquire the tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle and move forward.

Our mental health should be looked at as part of our overall health, happiness, and wellbeing and counselling should be seen as just one of the many tools available to us when looking to get healthy.

If you find yourself held back from reaching your goals or living the life you know would make you happiest because of anxiety, self-doubt, fatigue/burnout, or a lack of motivation, JF Fitness and Therapy could be the place for you to turn. Acknowledging you're not happy and wanting to make a change is the first and biggest step, even if you're not sure what it is exactly you want changed.

We strive to remind you that you are worth it, you are worth our time and energy as well as the time and energy of those in your life. 


Many of us are too afraid to take time for ourselves; it may leave us feeling like bad parents or it may feel as if doing so would jeopardize successes elsewhere. Also, when we finally do, its not our mental health we are usually addressing.

Attending a counselling session in addition to working toward other health and wellness goals, makes that exercise and effort elsewhere more maintainable. Addressing those underlying insecurities and concerns can provide you with the confidence and empowerment to finally step forward in your own life.


Our Registered Counsellors have seen people at their most vulnerable times and their goal has been to act as a support. They fully believe in creating a safe and confidential space for their clients; respecting their vulnerability.

They will help you sort through the many aspects of your day and life that compile and create our personal hurdles; un-muddling whats really holding us back from being our best self. They use a variety of techniques including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Motivational Interviewing and Positive Psychology in their sessions and aware that mental health does not need to include labels. 

Their motivation is to see a healthier community in all aspects; breaking down the stigma that surrounds counselling and prevents people from feeling free to work through their challenges with the help of a professional. Their focus is on the small successes: the mother who feels better about her relationship with her children, the office worker who cuts the cycle of monotony to be happier, and the feeling of relief when coping mechanisms come in to action rather that overwhelming anxiety at life's challenges.

All Prices fall onto a sliding scale based on needs and insurance coverage. Counselling by Jacklyn is covered by insurance providers. Please reach out using the link below for more information.

Meet our Counsellors

Jacklyn Frias

Jacklyn is a Register Social Worker and Certified Personal Trainer with years of experience working in both fields in Parry Sound. From her interactions at her fitness studio and in the larger community she noticed the commonly perceived disconnect  between mental and physical health in a person's overall well-being. Many people were open and active in pursuing their physical health goals, but when it came to the larger and deeper aspects of well-being they neglected self-care. It is from these observations that JF Fitness and Therapy was born and her passion to counsel real people, going through the everyday issues, with no stigma attached became a reality. She has created a safe, open, caring community of strong and empowered people looking to take control of their own happiness. Join this community by setting up an appointment and work alongside Jacklyn to find the You you want to be. 

Brian Slegers

Brian head shot.jpg

Brian is a therapist and is registered with the Ontario College of Social Workers.  Brian's cultural background consists of Indigenous and French.  Brian has a 4 year honors degree in Indigenous Social Work and a Masters in Social work from Laurentian University. Brian is also certified in a variety of therapy modalities such as Motional Interviewing, Trauma Informed Care, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Quality Behavioral Competencies (behavior therapy).  Brian has also worked with parents in teaching them Triple P parenting strategies and CARE (Child Adult Relationship Enhancement).  Brian has worked in the health care system and privately as well for 18 years.  He has worked extensively in Mental Health and acute psychiatry.