Our Interactive Schedule

Group Classes

Strength and Stability Flow

 A  stronger flow incorporating held postures to challenge and stabilize muscle strength and flexibility, while also quietening the mind and body. All levels welcome.

Hips & Hamstrings

An hour devoted to everyone's favourite stretches. Join Pat for this class which focuses entirely on opening the hips, loosening the hamstrings and relieving sore, overworked legs. Great for beginners and those already very active.

Hatha Freedom Flow Yoga

Mixture of Hatha and Flow  while intertwining restorative  postures.  Decompressing , opening the spine and getting  the kinks out at the end of the day,  leaving you  re-energized.


MassYin is a yin yoga class with hands on massage. Yin Yoga postures are held for 5 to 10 minutes. While in these postures the instructor will apply Thai Massage touch techniques to help you relax and release tension. Class is preformed on the floor. Postures can be adapted for your needs.

Mindful Yin Series

Dare to join this series to enhance your light and get to know your shadow. A great way to release tension in the tissues, joints and bones; as well as held stress and emotions throughout the body.

Classes are held in sets, each set with a varying focus.

Private Lessons

Single or Couple Lessons

Work one-on-one with one of our experienced yoga instructors to increase mobility, gain strength, advance your practice or find peace of mind. However you approach yoga and with whatever experience you have, we can accommodate your needs.

Just like personal training, you can gain a lot from one-on-one time with a yoga teacher. Our teachers offer Private Lessons for individuals, couples, or groups...they even do home visits! 

Private Yoga Lessons may be for you if: you are looking to deepen your practice, you have never done yoga before, you have an injury or limited mobility or you have a specific health goal.

Not sure which teacher is right for you? Thats no problem, send us an email to letting us know why you'd like to start lessons and we can help chose the teacher most beneficial for your needs.

We would love to share our love for this activity and lifestyle with you!




Private Class

1 Person/1 hr..............$45.00


1 Person/ 1 hr.............$50.00


2 People/ 1 hr.............$60.00


              Please Contact

Group Class

1 Drop-In*.........................$12.00

8 Classes*........................$80.00

16 Classes*.....................$150.00

Monthly Membership.......$75.00

*Does not include Mass Yin or Thai Stem

Thai Stem 1 Person... $20.00

Meet Our Teachers

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Pat Fell


RYT 200hr Bliss

A fitness addict and yoga enthusiast, Pat finds herself in the gym multiple hours everyday. She recently advanced her yoga practice by completing her yoga teacher training at Ann Green's Bliss studio in Barrie. Pat feels yoga and fitness go hand in hand, balancing tightening and strengthening with stretching and maintaining mobility. Approachable and knowledgable, Pat aims to create a space where everyone feels welcome and all levels can enjoy the benefits of her practice.

Tammy Brown


RYT 200 hr Hatha/Level 1 & 2 Thai Massage

I spent many decades juggling a family, career, home, kid's activities, volunteer, friends and relatives without considering my needs. There never seemed to be enough time to I would constantly push myself to achieve. I lived a striving lifestyle fueled on sugar and caffeine. This striving lifestyle caused a great deal of accumulated stress/tension which led to a number of physical and mental health issues. It is humbling to realize what unrealistic demands have done to my body. Also, it was naive to think you can push your body without consequnces. My body finally got my attention, it was time to listen and create a balance lifestyle. Through the practice of mindfulness, yoga and making healthier food choices I reconnected and leanred to love and listen to my body.

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Sue Piling


RYT 500hr/TYS

I became interested in Yoga in 1999 when I met an older lady on the beach who moved so youthfully and gracefully; she said she was 70 and taught Yoga.  I completed Yoga Teacher Training in 2003 (YTT200, Classical Ashtanga and Hatha) and continued taking various courses and workshops, completing my YTT500 in 2010.  The benefit and enjoyment I receive, both physically and mentally, when teaching and practising yoga with others, encourages me to seek continued education and knowledge to benefit both students and myself. Another benefit is the balance this self-care gives me with my fulltime work and other interests.

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