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Boot Camp


Bootcamp is the most effective 1 hour class to get more fit, stronger and lose weight. This class will include HIIT workouts, Tabata, and circuit style classes which includes both cardio and strength training. This fast paced program will keep you burning fat all day! It is designed for all fitness abilities.


High-intensity interval training is an enhanced form of training, an exercise strategy alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less-intense recovery periods. Usually 45 seconds of activity with 15 second rest. This class is great for toning up, weight loss and improving your cardiovascular. A HIIT class typically is more cardio based than a Bootcamp class. 

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Pilates based and ballet inspired, this class requires no previous dance experience whatsoever! Classes involve the use of free weights, body weight, resistance tubing, small air inflated pilate balls, a ballet barre substitute, as well as mats, and is done in bare feet.

Yoga: Feel Good Flow
Activate, awaken, and strengthen through an energetic flow followed by deeper, longer-held poses to leave you feeling amazing!


Yoga: Hips and Hamstrings
An entire hour dedicated to the hips and the hamstrings. These areas always seem to be tight and sore, holding both a lot of our emotional and physical tension so take an hour for yourself each week and start to remedy that pain.

Current schedule until Dec 15th, 2022:

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