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Our Classes

Our Classes

Yoga: Flow & Let go!
Activate, awaken, and strengthen through an energetic flow followed by deeper, longer-held poses to leave you feeling amazing!


Yoga: Hips and Hamstrings
An entire hour dedicated to the hips and the hamstrings. These areas always seem to be tight and sore, holding both a lot of our emotional and physical tension so take an hour for yourself each week and start to remedy that pain.

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Perfect Pilates

Incorporating traditional Pilates movements, we will complete a full body workout to music being mindful of neutral spine and getting strong from our foundations.

This Pilates class is like a barre / mat combo that incorporates standing and laying down.

Start with a warm up, use light hand weights for upper body and leg work, then we will hit the mat for traditional Pilates exercises. 

Perfect Pilates - Monday's at 5:30 pm weekly
Yoga: Hips & Hamstrings - Tuesday's at 6:00 pm weekly
Yoga: Flow & Let Go - Thursday's at 5:00 pm weekly
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