We all have health goals, why not make the change today!

Whether you are training for a half marathon, want to gain muscle or are just looking to get in better shape, we want to work with you. We can provide that last bit of motivation needed to reach your goals and maintain the new, stronger, you.


Theres no need to be a gym junkie to have a trainer; we will help you learn how to use both the intimidating machines and the old equipment in your basement from years past. We'll focus on proper technique and variety to help you enjoy getting in better shape. 


Lets improve your stamina, strength, and overall well-being! 

Meet Our Trainers


Owner / CPT


I created this space with the ideas of community and positivity in mind; wanting to invite people in and help them in seeing their inherent potential and strength. I have worked as a Personal Trainer in this community for quite sometime and have become deeply invested in the well-being of those I work with. Seeing people achieve their personal goals means the world to me. I'd like to invite you into this space, to work hard along side you in a safe and educated way, but most importantly, I'd like you to see you deserve to invest time into yourself! You are worth it! 



I am a Parry Sound local and proud of it! I am also a Certified Personal Trainer through the National council on Strength and Fitness. I love to help people feel good about themselves because, EVERYONE deserves to feel good! I believe in having a solid team and being around amazing people, building off each other and raising one another up instead of tearing everybody down. I always want to learn to help myself grow professionally and personally; I also love keeping myself busy with helping out at community events, coaching, and making the most of this amazing area that we live in! I am looking forward to what is coming up in my future and building more relationships!



One on One

1 Session.................$65.00

10 Sessions...........$600.00

20 Sessions...........$1100.00

Two on One

1 Session..................$70.00

10 Sessions............$650.00

20 Sessions..........$1200.00

Three Or More

Price dependent on # of people