Private Training

We all have health goals, why not make the change today!


Whether you are training for a half marathon, want to gain muscle or are just looking to get in better shape, we want to work with you. We can provide that last bit of motivation needed to reach your goals and maintain the new, stronger, you.


There's no need to be a gym junkie to have a trainer; we will help you learn how to use both the intimidating machines and the old equipment in your basement from years past. We'll focus on proper technique and variety to help you enjoy getting in better shape. 


Let's improve your stamina, strength, and overall well-being!



Just like personal training, you can gain a lot from one-on-one time with a yoga teacher. Our teachers offer Private Lessons for individuals, couples, or groups...they even do home visits! 


​Private Yoga Lessons may be for you if: you are looking to deepen your practice, you have never done yoga before, you have an injury or limited mobility or you have a specific health goal.


​Not sure which teacher is right for you? That's no problem, send us an email to letting us know why you'd like to start lessons and we can help choose the teacher most beneficial for your needs.


​We would love to share our love for this activity and lifestyle with you!

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