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Private Training

Personal Training is an investment in YOURSELF.

How many of us would love to start becoming healthy and have no idea where to start? 

How many of us get anxious when they think of going into a gym environment alone?

How many of us are on track, life gets busy, and then you find yourself starting all over again?

How many of us jump on and off the wagon of fitness and being healthy?

What does Personal Training do for you?

  • It keeps you committed and showing up. 

  • It challenges not only your body, but your mind.

  • It shows just how much strength you have, not only in the gym, but in all areas of your life.

  • It makes you feel accomplished.

What else do we do for you?

  • We provide a safe and private space for you to train in. Our studio is not a traditional gym where people are coming in and out while you are in your session. 

  • We give you the tools and teach you the foundations of fitness for you to continue to be successful.

  • We provide encouragement, support, and accountability.

  • We track your progress - which I promise you, you will have, if you show up and do the work!

  • We show up for you with smiles and encouragement every day.

  • We are here to remind you of how capable you are. 

  • We will remind you that you deserve everything you want.

  • We will remind you that you are good enough, strong enough, and capable.


Training is something just for you, which you deserve. It is a place to clear your mind, get clarity, and reset!

Private 1 on 1 Training

We all have health goals, why not make the change today!


Whether you are training for a half marathon, want to gain muscle or are just looking to get in better shape, we want to work with you. We can provide that motivation needed to reach your goals and maintain the new, stronger, you.


There's no need to be a gym junkie to have a trainer. We will help you learn how to use the gym machines or the old equipment in your basement! We will tailor a personalized program completely for your desired goals and training level. We'll focus on proper technique to help you enjoy getting in shape. 


Let's improve your stamina, strength, and overall well-being!


Semi-Private Training 

(Group - up to 4 people)

Semi-Private Training provides you the same focus as 1 on 1 Training, but maybe you enjoy working out with others?

Why Semi-Private?

- More cost effective than 1 on 1, cost sharing on sessions.

- Train with a friend or meet new people.

- Work on personal goals in group setting.

- Being part of a group keeps you motivated!

- Feel more support from like-minded training partners.

- Gain confidence!


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